Bike trip Bali & Lombok; Cycling past emerald fields, 18 days

Bike trip Bali & Lombok: Cycling past emerald fields, 18 days

picture-listCycling in Bali and Lombok is exciting and full of surprises. The nature, the ancient temples, crafts and marine life are all worthwhile. Lombok is known for its pristine beaches and beautiful scenery. Lombok is a totally different island than Bali and the slogan "you can find Bali in Lombok, but you can not findLombok in Bali" is certainly true. Join us on a discovery!

Bike 2: Bicycle trip Bali and Lombok: Cycling past emerald fields, 18 days

Cycling in Bali and Lombok is exciting and full of surprises. The nature, the ancient temples, crafts and marine life are all worthwhile. Religion in Bali is a "way of life" and it seems like everyone at every moment of the day is practicing it. Bali is the only place in Indonesia where Hinduism has persisted. Everywhere you see people making little sacrifices and it may very well be that you find yourself suddenly in the midst of a procession.  The center of Bali is the heart and soul  of its culture and nature and this trip will focus on this part of the island.
Lombok is known for its pristine beaches and beautiful scenery. In the west live many Balinese, the east, however, is Islamic, but with its own identity. Lombok is therefore an interesting mix of different cultures. The largest population group, the original Sasak,have their own language and culture.
Lombok is a totally different island than Bali and the slogan "you can find Bali in Lombok, but you can not find Lombok in Bali" is certainly true. Join us on a discovery!



Day 1 Arrival in Bali – Ubud

Day 2 Free day Ubud (B)

Day 3 Bicycle tour surroundings of Ubud (B,L)

Day 4 Ubud – Toyabungkah (B,D)

Day 5 free day Toyabungkah (B,D)

Day 6 Toyabungkah – Tirtagangga (B)

Day 7 Tirtagangga – Padang Bai (B)

Day 8 free day Padang Bai (B)

Day 9 Padang Bai – Senggigi (B)

Day 10 Bicycle trip in the countryside (B)

Day 11 Senggigi – Tetebatu (B,L)

Day 12 Sasak tour Tetebatu (B,L)

Day 13 Tetebatu – Senaru (B,L)

Day 14 Senaru, Panorama walk (B)

Day 15 Senaru – Gili Meno (B)

Day 16–17 Free days Gili Meno (B)

Day 18 Gili Meno – airport (B)



Day 1 Arrival in Bali – Ubud
You will be picked up from the airport and transferred to your hotel in Ubud. Ubud is an artistic village in the heart of Bali that is situated amongst emerald green rice-fields. It has numerous shops and galleries and a number of museums that display an interesting collections of Indonesian paintings. It also hosts ceremonies, dance performances and temple-festivals regularly.
Next to Ubud lies the Monkey Forest, a stretch of tropical forest that is home to very cheeky monkeys.  At the edge of the forest you will find the mysterious Pura Dalem Agung temple (temple of the dead). It is also possible to do a rafting trip on the Ayung-river. Or how about a nice massage? Last but not least Ubud has a number of very good restaurants. You will not get bored here!

Day 2 Free day Ubud (B)
Today is a free day. There are many possibilities. You can go for a pleasant walk through the rice-fields or you could go rafting (book one day ahead) through spectacular scenery.

Day 3 Bicycle tour surroundings of Ubud (B,L)
In the morning a mini bus will pick you up and drives you up to Mengwi, where you will visit The Taman Ayung Temple. We continue by bus through the mountains up to the starting point of our bike ride. En route we visit the picturesque temple of Bratan and the local spice market and tropical orchids. Before we get on our bikes, we will first fill our stomachs with an original 'Nasi Campur’, surrounded by an enormous range of exotic plants and fruits. With our bicycles we descend on small rural roads, along breathtaking rice fields and plantations. Everywhere there are enthusiastic children greeting you with a friendly "hello mister" along the side of the road. Your tour ends at your hotel.

Length of the trip 15 or 25 miles (25 or 35 kilometers)

Duration 4 - 5 hours

Day 4 Ubud – Toyabungkah (B,D)
Today you will cycle north towards the mountains. A good way of loosing the extra pounds you have undoubtedly gained in Ubud!
The first part takes you along fantastic rice-fields. With their endless variations of green they will never bore you. Slowly the scenery changes to forests with the occasional citrus plantation as you climb up to the caldera of Batur volcano. A small boat takes you across the lake to the place where you will camp at the foot of 1717-meter high Mount Batur. The caldera is one of the largest in the world. There are hot springs that provide a fantastic tub to soak and relax.  

Length of the trip 10 – 30 miles (15-40 kilometers)
Duration 5 to 7 hours

Day 5 free day Toyabungkah (B,D)
You can choose to climb the Batur volcano today. This means you have to rise at 04.00 a.m.! It is a 2-hour’s climb to the summit from which you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise. Breakfast is prepared by cooking eggs and bananas in the hot steam that exudes from the holes in the mountain. It is possible to hike on the rim around the caldera.
Of course you can also take your bike to ride near the lake, rent a canoe, or relax near the hot springs.

Day 6 Toyabungkah – Tirtagangga (B)
The bus takes us to the outer rim of the caldera that is 25 miles (40 kilometers) wide. This is the place for a last glance of the volcano before we cycle on a trail to the north of Bali. It is a beautiful stretch through coffee- and cocoa-plantations that cannot be done by car. We go mainly downhill. In the small mountain villages that we pass the local people are incredibly friendly and you will feel very welcome with everybody waving at you. The second part is flat and takes us along the north-coast. We will not ride the whole stretch as that is too far. Bali’s most beautiful rice-terraces that feature regularly in picture books will be visible from a pass. From the summit we will continue our ride enjoying the views.

Length of the trip 15- 35 miles (25 – 50 kilometers)
Duration 5 to 7 hours

Day 7 Tirtagangga – Padang Bai (B)
The day starts with a beautiful hike through the rice-fields. A close encounter with the daily life of the rice-farmer will amaze you. Showing you how labor-intensive the growing of rice really is! The guide will lead you along small tracks explaining about spices and local fruits. You will also visit the royal water-palace.
After this you will cycle downhill in the direction of Padang Bai. If the “monkey pass” is too steep for you, you can always go with the van. The last stretch leads along banana-plantations.
Padang Bai is a small harbour-town in east Bali. This is where the ferries to Lombok depart. There are a number of bays that offer spectacular snorkeling and it is also possible to dive here.
From Padang Bai your guide, van and bicycles return to Ubud.

Length of the trip 10-15 miles (15 – 25 kilometers)
Duration 4 to 5 hours

Day 8 free day Padang Bai (B)
Free day for lazing, snorkeling or diving.

Day 9 Padang Bai – Senggigi (B)
The early ferry takes you to Lombok. The crossing will take 4 to 5 hours. On arrival in Lembar your next guide and driver will greet you. You will drive to Senggigi by car. En route you can visit Gunung Pengsong temple and a shop where masks are being produced. These wooden masks are decorated with mother-of-pearl, a very delicate procedure. Senggigi is a tourist place on Lombok’s west coast. It has a number of cozy cafes and restaurants.

Day 10 Bicycle trip in the countryside (B)
A van takes you to the starting point of a nice bicycle trip in west-Lombok’s countryside. You will see people working on the land and you will pass a local market where we will stop to sample the local merchandise. It is also possible to make a short visit to a children’s home where the children will welcome you. In the village of Karang Bayan there are two very old mosques to be admired. The majority of the people here live off the land. Baskets are woven here. The last stretch of the trip takes you along fruit trees. On the way back to Senggigi you can visit Puri Lingsar.  This temple was built in 1714 and is considered to be one of the holiest on the island.
From all over Lombok people come to this place to make offerings.
The rest of the day is free to relax.

Length of the trip 20 miles (25 kilometers)
Duration 3 to 4 hours

Day 11 Senggigi – Tetebatu (B,L)
A van takes you again to the starting point of the cycling trip. We start at the village of Pancor. The first stretch is almost flat and leads along rice-fields on good tarmac, giving you perfect views of Lombok’s highest mountain the Rinjani. The locals produce bricks and tiles along the road.
We will rest at Aik Bubak; a water garden. After that, you will have to climb for a while but there will be a rewarding long descent as well. You will notice that there are very few tourists coming here and the locals act very surprised when they see people pass cycling for fun!  You will pass several local markets that sell delicious fruit. We will have a picnic somewhere in the rice-fields. The last stretch to Tetebatu is very steep but you can take the van.
Tetebatu is a village lying on the slopes of Rinjani volcano.

Length of the trip: 20 miles (25 kilometers)
Duration: 4 to 5 hours

Day 12 Sasak tour Tetebatu (B,L)
Today we cycle around Tetebatu. The first part is on a sealed road, turning into a sandy trail leading along pineapple- and sweet potato-plantations. We stop at a holy forest where grey and black monkeys live. There is also a well. After that you will have to climb. In the village of Pringgasela we will have a delicious Sasak lunch. Here almost every woman is weaving and you will walk around to see this process. After that we will start cycling again, following small roads to Masbagik, a village where traditional pottery is still being produced. If you have enough energy left you can ride on to Loyok, center of bamboo produce. We return to Tetebatu.

Length of the trip: 20 -25 miles (25-35 kilometers)
Duration 5 to 6 hours

Day 13 Tetebatu – Senaru (B,L)
Today we cross the island towards the north coast. A van will take us for the first long stretch, climbing towards the highest pass on Lombok. We will arrive in a large valley and proceed on our bikes again. The air is filled with the scent of garlic and spring onions that grow here. In Sembalun you can also see weaving but the patterns are completely different from the ones you saw yesterday. After lunch we leave the valley on our bicycles and go down towards the coast. By van we climb towards Senaru, one of the starting-points of the famous ascent of Rinjani volcano.

Length of the trip 15 – 30 miles (20- 40 kilometers)
Duration 6 to 7 hours

Day 14 Senaru, Panorama walk (B)
In the morning you go on a very special walk on the slopes of Mount Rinjani. Accompanied by a female guide you pass rice-fields and very traditional villages, learning a lot about the traditional way of life. Here, it seems as if time stood still.
The walk ends at a waterfall. You return to the campsite. The rest of the day is free for relaxation.

Day 15 Senaru – Gili Meno (B)
This will be your last day riding a bike. We follow the way along the coast. At first there is not much traffic and this stretch is ideal for cycling. Along the road you will see many monkeys foraging for food. After the town of Tanjung there is a lot more traffic and we will go on by bus. In Bangsal we will change our bicycles for a boat and cross to an island just off the coast of Lombok. Gili Meno is the quietest of the three car-free bounty-isles that lie here. This island has the most beautiful white-sandy beaches and you will feel almost like Robinson Crusoë on this sparsely populated little place.
It is also possible to spend your last days on the more crowded island of Gili Trawangan. Here you can find accommodation that is more luxurious. This island is more suitable for those who want to enjoy some nightlife. There is al a large variety of good restaurants here.

Length of the trip 5-20 miles (10 – 30 kilometers)
Duration 4 to 6 hours

Day 16 – 17 Free days Gili Meno (B)
If you want to see more than just fish or coral, it is possible to go on a boat tour with good chances of seeing dolphins or sea turtles.
It is fun to circle the island on foot (1,5 hours) to see the sunset. There is also a salt lake and a bird park with 300 different kinds of birds from Asia and Australia. A number of small restaurants provide good and cheap food (with sea view). Of course, fresh fish abounds. A nice massage on the beach completes the holiday!
Day 18 Gili Meno – airport (B)
Transfer to the airport of Lombok for your flight.

Extension in Sanur
For those who like to relax some more it is possible to book an extension of three nights in Sanur before the start of the trip. On day 1 you will be picked up and brought to your hotel in Sanur. On day 4 you continue with day 2 of the above-mentioned trip.   

Practical information:

We offer our tours in 2 classifications: standard and comfort class. In standard class we use simple hotels with basic, clean rooms mostly private shower/toilet, sometimes a fan.
An Englisch speaking guide accompanies you in Bali (day 3 – 7_ and in Lombok day 9 -15). 
Traveling comfort class we offer more luxury rooms with aircon (if available), where possible hotels with swimming pool. 

During the trip, we use a private car with driver who is always near and so you can get off the bike whenever you want.

Price estimate

2 persons

4 persons

6 persons

Comfort class

€ 1.561 pp

€ 1.247 pp

€ 1.203 pp

Standard class

€ 1.195 pp

€    882 pp

€    843 pp

Prices are valid from January 1st to December 31st 2013 and based on low season. During high season (july, august and around Christmas) and the end of Ramadan prices may be higher.
Prices are based on 2 persons staying in a double room. Prices for single rooms and triples are on request. Prices are subject to change. We are happy to make a proposal with the most up-to-date prices for you.


  • All accommodation based on twin share including breakfast 
  • Airport transfers 
  • Guide in Bali day 3 – 7 
  • Ferry ticket 
  • Car in Lombok 
  • Guide in Lombok day 9 – 15 
  • Return boat to Gili Meno 
  • 2X lunch box in Lombok 
  • Lunch Pringgasela 
  • Bike hire in Lombok and Bali 
  • Panorama walk in Senaru 
  • 10% government tax


  • (Inter)national flight tickets/ airport tax 
  • Meals not mentioned 
  • Personal expenses 
  • Entrance fees 
  • Insurance 
  • Tips and donations

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